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Affiliate Window Product Feed API in C#

Affiliate Window offers you the tools to make money from traffic on your website, blog or email database. You simply pick up text links, banners, product feed data or widgets from online retailers via the Affiliate Window network and include them on your website

Project Description

Before you can use this project, you need to sign up with Affiliate Window to get your API key.

Affiliate Window only offer PHP samples for their ShopWindow Product Serve API, so I decided to produce a sample project showing how to use the API in C#.

When I begun this projects, version 2 of the API was the current release and the web service offered by Affiliate Window wasn't compatible with Visual Studio so required some serious hacking of the WSDL file to get it working.

Recently Affiliate Window released a new Version 3 of their Shop Window API. This is much better and works with MS-Visual Studio, but the API is still geared more towards PHP developers than .NET.

Written entirely in C#, this project demonstrates how i've taken the Shop Window API and wrapped it up in a .NET class library to make it simpler to use from ASP.NET web applications.

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